• Broken headstocks are almost never as bad as they seem at first. If you’ve had that sinking feeling when your guitar has its head snapped off, then be reassured, in almost all cases, it can be resurrected to live again….
  • Electrical repairs – no problem: faulty wiring; crackling pots; improving your pickups; or fitting active electronics – these are all examples of electrical work that I am happy to undertake.
  • Are your frets worn, or have you got that buzzing sound? Often a fret dress is all that is needed.
  • Or perhaps you’d like a different style of frets – no problem, I can do a complete re-fret with your choice of fret wire.
  • Do you want your bass converted to fretless?

Look at the gallery for some examples.

Please contact me for a no-obligation quote or just a chat about the options.

Here’s the current price list to get you going…
but please call to discuss your individual requirements


£45 Acoustic or electric
Add £10 with locking tremolo
Add £20 for 12-string
Adjust truss rod, bridge saddles, nut slots, intonation, clean and oil fingerboard, polish frets, electrical functional check, set pickup height, lubricate all moving parts, adjust vibrato (tremolo) tension, adjust machine head tensions, structural check, clean & polish

Fret Dress (incl. set up) £85
Add £10 with locking tremolo
Add £20 for 12-string

Level frets, re-profile fret crowns, polish frets including full set-up as above

Make and fit new bone saddle £25

Make and fit new bone nut £40

Repair broken headstock – from £70

Install pickup in acoustic-  from £70 plus pickup
We highly recommend Headway Music pickups

Refrets (incl fret dress & set up)
Partial from £100       
Full from £195
Remove frets, fit new frets of required profile including full fret dress & set-up as above


Fit replacement volume/tone control or jack socket – £25 plus parts

Rewire/Install replacement pickups – From £45

Amplifier servicing & repairs – From £45

PLUS: Structural repairs, neck resets, installation of custom electronics, pickup wax potting, fixing loose internal braces, repair chips and dents All by individual quotation.

All prices exclude cost of strings (Very happy to set up using the existing strings)

Opening Hours: by appointment only

Is your vintage valve amplifier sounding tired and in need of a re-valve and re-bias?
Maybe it’s completely dead?
Perhaps you’d like a complete renovation?
Or just a service and checkover?
If so, I can help!

Please note: I am no longer taking modern amps – after 1980 – even valve ones. They are just not designed to be maintained and so the time taken to diagnose and repair makes it uneconomic. I would suggest you contact the manufacturer direct, who should be able to help. Marshall in particular are fairly local (Milton Keynes) and helpful. Sorry.

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